Jewel Collection

The Jewel Collection is in stock now. Shanhua Axminster carpets meet all Australian and International standards for commercial installations and are the best selection for publlc areas including restaurants, gaming rooms, corridors, ballrooms, hotels, clubs, bars, cafes, and conference rooms.

The Collection has been so successful that we have just introduced nine new patterns to the range: Carnelian, Tanzonite, Opal, Amazonite, Scapotlite, Garnet, Zircon, Fusion  and Zenith

Zircon                                                    Fusion                                                  Zenith

Amozonite                                            Scapotlite                                              Garnet

Carnelian                                                   Tanzonite                                                   Opal

Sunstone                                                  Obsidian                                                  Sodalite

Amber Lightning

Bixbite                                                          Amber Lightning                                    Agate

Black Sapphire Blue Topaz Malachite Lightening

Black Sapphire                                      Blue Topaz                                               Malachite Lightning

Moonstone Onyx Raspberry Quartz

Moonstone                                               Onyx                                                         Raspberry Quartz





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